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The Marriage Whisperer: Tips To Improve Your Relationship Overnight
Written by an experienced Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and inspired by over 10,000 conversations, this jargon-free book is designed for men and women interested in improving and strengthening their marriages. It is a motivational, self-help title which offers readers 70 relationship stories about the common issues couples experience. The Marriage Whisperer represents a fresh approach to self-help created by the author’s subtle humor and conversational writing style. This unique collection of easy-to-read short tales provides practical tips and tools. Topics include communication, habits, chores, apologies, arguments, sex, and intimacy. Stories get right to the point. 

Story Samples 
#19 Dirty Drawers in the John- Elmer and Sue struggle with chores. 
#29 An Apology Is Not Just an Apology- Jewell and Price argue about apologies. 
#38 Having the Last Word- Nancy and Drew haggle over having the last word.
#68 Preventing Emotional Cheating- Dolly and Harden disagree on emotional cheating.

This is a reader-friendly book with special features for reluctant readers and people with limited time to read. Tables, charts, and quotes highlighted in boxes provide information-at-a-glance. A detailed table of contents and an index assist readers in locating topics fast.

What experts are saying about The Marriage Whisperer:
“As a pastor and marriage and family therapist, I’m always on the hunt for resources to help couples. Dr. Pickett’s book, The Marriage Whisperer, is that resource. … A fabulous resource!”  (Reverend Bryan R. Salminen, Ph.D)

“I was impressed by the range and depth of the material.” (Harry J. Aponte, MSW, LCSW, LMFT, Clinical Associate Professor at Drexel University)

“This is a practical go-to book for couples seeking to enhance their relationship. … Let the marriage whisperer help you on your journey…” (Judith A. Chaney, Ph.D., LMFT)

“If your relationship baffles you, this book is the key. Dr. Patt brings charm and wit, illuminating relationships by unlocking all the mysteries. A significant resource to be a difference maker in your relationship.” Gina Baldwin, MS, Business Owner -Consultant


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Author: For two decades as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Patt Hollinger Pickett, Ph.D., has listened and learned from motivated couples and individuals seeking relationship help. She believes in the power of couples to create great partnerships. In The Marriage Whisperer, Dr. Patt offers readers coaching tips and solid guidance, based on her training and blending in the wisdom and insight she has gained in her helping role.